Musical Comedians & 0Professional Flirts

Join us for an unforgettable Wenchy adventure!

What’s a Wench?

Somewhere between the lowest form of comedy and the highest positioning of cleavage, lie Wenches. Too loud, too wanton, too rowdy, they are the women your mother warned you about. Gravitating to seedy pubs, shadowy speakeasies, and the occasional dark alleyway, a Wench can handle herself and at least 2 or 3 willing participants at the same time. They share their womanly charms with enthusiasm but are deeply protective of their Sisters-in-Arms. They are a close-knit band of ne’er do wells looking for new friends and adventures of every kind.

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Live Shows

Experience our lively mix of traditional songs, cheeky parodies, and old-fashioned bawdy behavior. We put the PRO in inappropriate.


We love a party. Throughout the year we host pub takeovers, sing-a-longs, and drop-ins. Unscripted, unexpected, and off-the-leash, it’s sure to be fun. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to make sure you don’t miss us.

What We Do

The Fine & Bawdy Wenches are a troupe of musicians, cabaret performers, and comedians who enjoy filling a niche and grasping the low-hanging fruit very, very firmly. When not performing, they are outspoken feminist flirts who want to make others feel beautiful and bold.  Their mission is to go over-the-top encouraging others to express their inner Wench and have a helluva good time while doing it!